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Thread: My 1983 Continental Mark VI!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VicCrownVic View Post
    Some come out with no problem others don't. I've broken a few impact T50 bits within the past couple years on 2 cars using a 1/2 breaker bar and dad's old pneumatic impact. (Sunex bits, time to find another brand, open to suggestions, but these were cheap on Ebay, LOL). This was after applying Liquid Wrench top and bottom months in advance and then again the day before and day of the next attempt. I even hammered on that bolt like Derek mentioned.
    Next step when it gets warm again (and after I buy a few more impact T50s) is to get the fire wrench out. All to replace the C-pillar interior panel in the Scab. (3-point belt goes through the panel and has to be unbolted from the floor). I even broke a bit on the same bolt on the JY donor car. For some reason the P-side came out of both cars with no issue, but D-side on the JY '90 and my '91 didn't and aren't budging.
    Wow! Sounds like you did all the proper steps so as Dave said, the first time is the most difficult. Good idea about putting anti seize on the threads before re installing them!

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    Thanks for all the tips guys. I found someone with Snap-On impacts from 1/2Ē to 1Ē and impact torx sockets. I donít know when Iíll get the chance to mess with it but that should get them out.

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    I have one frozen bolt in one of the Lincolns. I ended out stripping the bolt even with the proper tools. Don't know what I will do except leave it alone. All the others through the years have come out pretty easy. I do have extra bolts if you need one.

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    The Napa tool line did well for me on the torx bits. https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/CHTS...pressionRank=5
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    Quote Originally Posted by mercurygm88 View Post
    Thanks for all the tips guys. I found someone with Snap-On impacts from 1/2” to 1” and impact torx sockets. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to mess with it but that should get them out.
    Hopefully, since the car seems to have been cared for, you won't have much issue. Even the easy ones take a good amount of force though.
    I also put anti-sieze on the bolts I re-install like others mentioned because I know how bad they can get. Doing this should help the job to not suck as bad if there is a next time.

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    Yah, as Vic said, the ole blue wrench is a good alternative. Good bye paint though.
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