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a little detrimming

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    a little detrimming

    i'm gonna be at some point removing most of the granny chrome trim along the bottom of the car. i just have to get a set of chrome rockers off a merc. my other plan was to remove the rubber door strips as mine is no longer really blue. its more of blue/grey/green anyone done that? if so got pics?
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    just found this on cardomain

    he wheel trim is coming off and staying off
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      Wow, nice vic!!
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        that de-chromed look is pretty sweet
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        Originally posted by phayzer5
        I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers


          me likey wheel well trim!!!! I was gonna say if you axe the granny chrome, you will need different wheel well trim to match, but no worries if you go without it.
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            That strip is just glued on, I'm pretty sure.
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              we'll find out
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                The rubber door strips are a bitch to get the adhesive off. I used acetone and 3m's adhesive remover (that doesn't take off shit btw) and rubbed it forever and I still have some on my rear door cause I ran out of acetone.

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                  I got my trim off. And i also got all the crap off too...that comes with a price though. It was so hard on it that it actually tore the factory paint down to the primer in some places. Not to mention rubbing through some places. If you do it, get a buffing wheel and some good FastWax because the rubbing will leave the surrounding paint dull.

                  Here is my before and after, I'm going to eventually play with blending in some touch up. Though new paint is on the menu as well.



                    I thought that rubber stip had clips on the back of it so you had to fill the holes in. Or did they change and its that way on my 91 but not the older cars.
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                      If you have that thin strip, it should be stick on.