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Thread: Links for Mods/Parts

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    Post Links for Mods/Parts

    Ask and ye shall receive(when I'm bored at work):

    -J-Mod --> http://www.tccoa.com/articles/tranny...on/index.shtml Here's ALL the info.

    -Underdrive Pulleys --> http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...product_id=103
    -Dual Exhaust --> You can go stock: stainless from the junkyard, or order cheap Walker crap like I did from www.Rockauto.com
    Or a full real stainless exhaust --> http://www.stainlessworks.net/ford-crownvic/

    -3.55, 3.73, or 4.10 gears --> Things I realize: RockAuto has rear gear sets.
    This page: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...ory&path=59_67

    -MSD Coil Packs--> PN: 8241 http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ms...oria/year/1994
    These are the Accel units: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ac...oria/year/1994

    -Grantelli coil plugs --> http://www.summitracing.com/search/m...rder=Ascending
    Or the MSD ones: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...ory&path=59_64

    -Electric Fan --> Source from Junkyard Lincoln Mark VIII or Ford Contour/Merucry Tracer; see: http://www.grandmarq.net/vb/showthre...118#post675118

    -PI Heads --> Source from the junkyard to have them rebuild or YOLO it and throw them on. Lol.
    Here: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...ory&path=59_68

    -PI Intake Manifold --> A bunch of fun: http://www.americanmuscle.com/mustan...olds-9904.html
    Just the FRPP manifold: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...product_id=158
    Complete manifold install kit: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...product_id=165

    -PI Cam --> PI cams can be sourced from the junkyard. Or buy them brand new from: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...ory&path=59_68
    Or here: http://www.americanmuscle.com/mustan...afts-9904.html

    -Larger Throttle Body --> There is some debate on size. Some say the 75mm is too big. That's not what she said. I run the 75mm and have no issues. But you don't have to take my word for it... 70mm: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...&product_id=76
    75mm: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...&product_id=77
    A bunch of different throttle bodies: http://www.americanmuscle.com/99-04-...le-bodies.html
    One more source: http://www.summitracing.com/search/m...rder=Ascending

    -Aluminum Driveshaft --> You can score one from a 00+ CVPI bearing that it actually has one. A more desirable drive shaft is the Metal Matrix Alcoa (MMX/MMA) driveshaft that came in the 1999 and early 2000 CVPI's. These are the same weight as the aluminum ones and, don't quote me, but I've heard they're 30% stronger. Or so. Regardless, you'll want to rebuild the yokes on it because it may have a trillion miles on it like the one I picked up the junkyard.
    Brand new: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...product_id=145

    -Headers --> There a few kits that are direct fit kits for the Aeros. Most are from either Kooks or Stainless Works.
    Stainless Works: http://www.kooksheaders.com/amfinder...a-v8-4-6-10571
    Kooks: http://www.kooksheaders.com/amfinder...a-v8-4-6-10571
    The FRPP shorty headers do fit. HOWEVER, the down pipe/ catalytic converter pipe needs to be modifed for it to fit. Modified as welder/torches/cut. not in that order. http://www.americanmuscle.com/9904-m...y-headers.html

    -Cold Air Intake --> Very debated item as well. If you want one, you can get a K&N one here: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...product_id=155
    A JLT one here: http://jlttruecoldair.com/ZenCart/in...roducts_id=163
    Many choices. Such selection. Very intake: http://www.summitracing.com/search/m...rder=Ascending
    Or do what I did and order the cheap-o kit on eBay for a 01-04 Mustang GT and modify it to fit. I don't have a link for that, sorry.
    Also recommended are the Zip Tubes from 04+ CVPI's. You can source the tubes and the airboxes from the junkyard or by new: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...product_id=161
    For 05+ non-CVPI vehicles: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...product_id=163

    -Ported/Larger Upper Plenum --> There's a ton to choose from: http://www.americanmuscle.com/mustan...olds-9904.html

    -Nitrous --> Yup. Not my cup of tea, but to each, his/her own. http://www.americanmuscle.com/99-04-...g-nitrous.html

    -High Performance Water Pump--> http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...ory&path=59_66

    -Spark Plugs --> Really. Everyone has their own opinion. I prefer E3's. Others swear by Autolite or MotorCraft. And NGK's. So I'm not going there.

    -Bigger Injectors --> On a Naturally Aspirated (N/A) motor, these really aren't necessary. Only if you go Forced Induction(FI) or larger motor (Bore, Stroke, or both).

    -Larger Mass Air Flow(MAF) Sensor/Housing --> Definite need for FI motors, or just to increase the amount of air available to the engine. The 04+ CVPI air boxes have the MAF built into the airbox with a slot style MAF. If you're at the junkyard, make sure it's an 80mm unit. Both 70mm (non-CVPI) and 80mm(CVPI) MAF's are integrated into the airbox. Or just buy a Marauder airbox and MAF.http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...product_id=164

    -Tune to match larger MAF --> OK, so I'm a big fan of stuffing on as many bolt-ons as you can before using a tune. You can have your local speed shop hook you up with a dyno tune.
    Or check this guy Lonnie out at Blue Oval Chips. He speicalizes in Fords and knows TONS about Panthers. http://www.blueovalchips.com/ Just browsing this page is good for you.

    -Higher Stall Torque Converter --> These will help launch your car better by allowing you to use better powerbands in the engine. There are many options here:
    Check out Blue Oval Chips (BOC): http://www.blueovalchips.com/index.p...duct_list&c=14
    Or American Muscle: http://www.americanmuscle.com/tciaut...rtor-9604.html
    Or Summit: http://www.summitracing.com/search/y...rder=Ascending

    -Lightweight Flexplate --> I saw this on ADTR, so if you're changing torque converters, you might want to consider this. Less weight equals less rotational mass: http://www.adtr.net/store/index.php?...product_id=218

    Ok, this is a basic list, but, as with anything, this is far from complete. Links subject to change.

    -ryan s.
    08 Lincoln Navigator L - 183k
    03 Mercury Marauder- 61k
    97 Ford Crown Victoria HPP "Tank of Justice III" (TOJ3) - 193k -->578.9 miles on ONE tank of gas<--
    73 VW Super Beetle "Bunky" <----- Wifey's
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    Well my buddy tells him he knows exactly who loves buying shitboxes.

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    Nice! Good info on the drive shaft. Will look out for both at the wreckers.

    1981 Mercury Marquis Brougham 2-Door 302 special blend (GMGT)- Summer fun
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    With the driveshaft, make sure the yard forklift didn't fork it. Because then it would be forked up.

    -ryan s.
    08 Lincoln Navigator L - 183k
    03 Mercury Marauder- 61k
    97 Ford Crown Victoria HPP "Tank of Justice III" (TOJ3) - 193k -->578.9 miles on ONE tank of gas<--
    73 VW Super Beetle "Bunky" <----- Wifey's
    Quote Originally Posted by pantera77 View Post
    Well my buddy tells him he knows exactly who loves buying shitboxes.

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    Any info on spring spacers? Looking to lift my 05 Merc 1-1".

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    Dunno about spacers, but the older box wagon coils raised my rear more than that (b/c old ones were worn out).

    A spring shop could make you custom springs.


    Down that page are before & after pics & the rake it gave my car.

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