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    Hold your breath!!

    I got word my tranny is done!! Waiting on the price of the converter, and thats it I think. It might just make it here by thrusday!!


    Man, you better have that ride of yours at SF. I've been looking forward to seeing your CV.


      get er done.........wish i had the volvo running

      1986 lincoln towncar signature series. 5.0 HO with thumper performance ported e7 heads, 1.7 roller rockers, warm air intake, 65mm throttle body, 1/2" intake spacer, ported intakes, 3.73 rear with trac lock, 98-02 front brake conversion, 92-97 rear disc conversion, 1" rear swaybar, 1 3/16" front swaybar, 16" wheels and tires, loud ass stereo system, badass cb, best time to date 15.94 at 87 mph. lots of mods in the works 221.8 rwhp 278 rwt
      2006 Lincoln Town Car Signature. Stock for now
      1989 Ford F-250 4x4 much much more to come, sefi converted so far.
      1986 Toyota pickup with LSC wheels and 225/60/16 tires.
      2008 Hyundai Elantra future Revcon toad
      1987 TriBurner and 1986 Alaska stokers keeping me warm. (and some pesky oil heat)

      please be patient, rebuilding an empire!


        Originally posted by
        Man, you better have that ride of yours at SF. I've been looking forward to seeing your CV.
        I hope you're not looking to see a show quality paint job... I've still got the dang sticky crap from the strips across the doors.

        Well, it won' take more than 2 hours TOPS, to install it. I just need the converter here in time for me to install it. Now I have to catch up with the cleaning!
        I need to re-install the 3rd LED in my line lock indicator.
        Then put my right side dash back together.
        I've still got 75% of the car to wax!!
        Wheels need to be cleaned, just for good measure.
        Tires need to be shined.
        I need to do a quick clean inside.
        A little wiping on the engine area, I'm not going to spend all day there. (Though I prolly should)

        Alright so no more hangin out at the friends house....going home now to work on the Vic.


          I hope you're not looking to see a show quality paint job.
          That's nothing to worry about. My girls' paint and body aren't in the best of shape, either.

          I don't know about you, but I'm gonna have to re-wax and shine when I get out there. No doubt she'll get rained on somewhere along the trip.

          Did you do anything different with this tranny, or did you just do a quick rebuild?


            hhmmm.... if you get it done in time, I might just have to meet you guys for the convoy :slug:
            Pete ::::>>> resident LED addict and CFI defector LED bulb replacements
            'LTD HPP' 85 Vic (my rusty baby) '06 Honda Reflex 250cc 'Baileys' 91 Vic (faded cream puff) ClifFord 'ODB' 88 P72 (SOLD) '77 LTDII (RIP)
            85HPP's most noteworthy mods: CFI to SEFI conversion w/HO upperstuff headers & flowmasters P71 airbox Towncar seats LED dash light-show center console w/5 gauge package LED 3rd brake light 3G alternator mini starter washer/coolant bottle upgrade Towncar power trunk pull underhood fuse/relay box 16" HPP wheels - police swaybars w/poly rubbers - budget Alpine driven 10 speaker stereo


              I didn't rebuild it this time. I ordered a new one, hence the issues of getting it in time.

              TRANNY SPECS:
              Wide ratio 4R70W gear set,
              4 clutch second gear,
              Mechaical diode for second gear,
              High energy performance frictions,
              A Servo. and Redlined Wide band for OD,
              Combination of Bauman/Suoerior SHIFT KITs,
              OD-2-1 shift pattern as well.


                silly people and your wax jobs. Hell, my car isn't even ABLE to be waxed. If I want it shined up, I'll have to wet sand the hood and trunk because the PO's spraypaint job on them. If I had the time, I'd do it, but as usual I have 49021389 things to do in the meantime.
                86 Lincoln Town Car (Galactica).
                5.0 HO, CompCams XE258,Scorpion 1.72 roller rockers, 3.55 K code rear, tow package, BHPerformance ported E7 heads, Tmoss Explorer intake, 65mm throttle body, Hedman 1 5/8" headers, 2.5" dual exhaust, ASP underdrive pulley

                91 Lincoln Mark VII LSC grandpa spec white and cranberry

                1984 Lincoln Continental TurboDiesel - rolls coal

                Originally posted by phayzer5
                I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers


                  Well, that's what I did to the virtical portion of the trunk lid. Got overspray from my rust clean up on the outside. And I don't have a clear coat paint job.