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lightbar plug ordered....

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    lightbar plug ordered....

    I have the cage ready to put in, but I decided to wait until I get the plug in for the lightbar, so I won't have to take the "B" pillar apart, once the cage is in.... So as soon as the plug comes in, I will mount it.. then the cage.
    So I finnally got the the plugs and receptacles ordered. I am getting this type of connector to mount to the car....

    The pins in the plug will be 8 gauge...

    I am going to mount in th4e "B" pillar, under the chrome trim piece...

    Sorta like this, but under the trim.. with just the barrel of the plug sticking out of the trim piece... I am going to remove the trim, cut a hole in it with the right size hole saw, and the mount the plug into the "B" pillar, then re-install the trim piece over it, so all you will see is the barrel... The plug from the lightbar will also be chrome, in a right angle configuration. When the lightbar is not on the car.. there is a dust cap that screws on over the plug... the plug and the cap is chrome.

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    Nice! Can't wait till you get that lightbar on there man!
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      the little details are the best
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        nice! makes it easier to take the lightbar on and off i bet!
        the old police vic that i had was full of patched up holes for wiring, antennas, etc

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