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Need help with Suscribed threads tab not working

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    Need help with Suscribed threads tab not working

    Since I signed up on this forum my suscribed threads tab does not show any of the threads I have been keeping up with.

    Did I set something up wrong?

    Thanks for any help with this

    Also I get a redirect if I go to this forum using a link in Google Chrome or my iPad, If I type in the complete address or book marked tab I can get tot he forum with no problem, I have seen this on other Forums.

    I wish I could get my hands on the snot nose hacker punk that feels the needs to mess around on the internet.
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    Are the threads in question are ones that you have specifically clicked "subscribe to this thread" for? The default setting is to make you opt-in to that if you want it, it isn't automatic for threads you have replied to.

    More changes were made (kudos to gadget!) trying to fix the redirect issue last night; as of yesterday evening it hopefully should be gone (but last time I said that, I seemingly jinxed it, so...)

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      I have no idea about this forum normally atleast threads I started would be considered suscribed, I have not seen anywhere as of yet a place to click to suscribe.
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        Top of the thread under thread tools you will find subscribe to this thread. From there you have options as to what type of sub. you may want.

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        Originally posted by ootdega
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          If you go to your profile under "general settings" there is a box for subscription behavior. Default is not to subscribe to anything but you can change it to any of the other options to subscribe to anything you post or threads you post in. The other parts of those options are about notifications. You can have it email you a list of threads with new posts daily, weekly, or not at all. If you don't want the email just set it to "through control panel only" to just have it show up under the subscribed threads tab and not spam you.

          or you can manually hit the subscribe button as mentioned.
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          Originally posted by phayzer5
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            Thanks for the help, I made a few adjustments hopefully it will work out they way i am used to.
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