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kishy's 1997 Crown Vic
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Thread: kishy's 1997 Crown Vic

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    Default kishy's 1997 Crown Vic

    This car is no longer with me, however there is a new update on it from today, so it gets a thread!

    I purchased this for $500, 2016-03-10, for its tires, HPP wheels, and rear axle. It was an HPP car with ill-fitting incorrect coil springs swapped into the rear. The body and frame were not capable of passing a safety. It had 105,000km.

    After some drive time, I decided I really liked it, and considered pulling the powertrain to put in the wagon (which I acquired near the end of the time I had the 97). However, when the wagon engine turned out to be good, I decided not to swap the 4.6 in. At one point I planned to keep the brake booster and master cylinder, so I had the recall done on the cruise control switch, but those parts ended up staying on when it went to the next owner.

    I put it up for sale in August 2017. I found a buyer who was willing to take the car whole, then return the axle to me (made loading easier that way), so we wrote it up that way in the bill of sale and off it went on August 20.

    I was certainly in no hurry to collect the axle, and the buyer seemed legitimately busy with stuff, so we both agreed it would happen later, before he scrapped the car. He basically just wanted it for the steering column and maybe the engine/trans. We talked on and off for months and he confirmed yes, it was still mine...just had to find time.

    Over a particularly long period of time, neither of us got in touch with the other. I eventually called in the summer of 2019 and was told:
    -the car had been scrapped, and
    -he assumed I didn't want the rear end as I'd been out of touch for a while, and
    -I wouldn't have wanted it anyway as it was seized
    So that was the end of that.

    When August rolled around, the Facebook Memory came up of this car getting hauled off, and I remarked about how I was displeased with how it went. A friend of the buyer's son (who is a car guy, and is the one who trailered it, but wasn't the actual buyer) involved him and made him aware. We got to talking.

    The car was very much still around. Guy's dad (buyer) just told me it was scrapped so I'd go away. Son explained that the car had become an issue for the township they live in and had been hidden away at a friend's farm (or something like that). Rear end was still in it, they were still pulling their stuff. I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one who works at glacial pace. Anyway, he assured me he'd get me that rear end and apologized for how his dad had been about it.

    A familiar looking pattern developed...we talked every once in a while from then (August 2019) until a few days ago, when he told me (to my, and my involved friends' disbelief) that the rear end was ready and I could go get it.

    And here we are, today, November 15 2020:

    I must say, I had doubts I'd ever see this thing again. It's nice when people have integrity. The guy's son is an OK dude, in my book.

    There will, perhaps obviously, be no further updates on this car. I have not decided where to put this rear end. The original plan was for it to go into my 91 (as it should be able to take that sway bar), and put the 91 rear end in the 83 (to widen the rear track). In the meantime of this car's story, I bought a K-code rear end, but it's an 88 so it's still narrow track. Lots of possibilities. I eventually want all my boxes to have the wider rear track because they look goofy otherwise. The places I want better gears the most are the Lincoln, the 83, and the wagon...we shall see.

    And no, it isn't seized, and it never was. It either had stuck brakes (very likely) or it was totally made up.
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    Don't you hate people who LIE ! When working, I dealt with them every day. I can pick up immediately based on how they look at me.
    On the other hand, it is refreshing when people do have integrity and stand up to others who do wrong.
    Another thing I hate is when I help someone out with a part or lots of information and they don't reply or say THANK YOU.

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    nice that it worked out in the end, but yeah people who just make things up suck.

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    Good deal. I totally written that rear end off in my head. Glad it worked glacial pace.

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    But, that's just coming from me, this site's biggest pessimist. Best of luck

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