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Site not secure warning with iPad

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    Site not secure warning with iPad

    Normally I log on and stay logged on unless I restart my IPad, recently I did a update to my iPad now when logging on I get a warning that this site is not secure.

    Any ideas as to why this is showing up?

    It used to be a problem logging on when I used a link if I googled this site because of a redirect filesshare webite but if I typed the address I could get in without issues or warnings.

    This problem also effected other forums I used in the past.

    I am convinced this forum and other low traffic forums that can not afford the best security has been vulnerable for a long time.

    This sucks because when I get to the point where I could afford to contribute a donation to the forum the fact I do not feel secure on it would prevent me from donating anything.
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    There are a couple angles to this topic. I do not know specifically what your exact browser is freaking out about, but in general:

    1 - current browsers often take opportunities to warn you that you are not accessing a website via HTTPS, as is the case for GMN. This might be what your browser is referring to. HTTPS provides enhanced security surrounding the data you exchange with the website, such as transmitting your login credentials or post content. Implementing HTTPS does have a financial cost associated with it.

    It is important to note that accessing websites via HTTP (without the S) is not exactly dangerous; it's been the way of the net for decades and when you're not accessing financial records, etc., the chances of being targeted are next to nothing. Still, it is good practice (with or without HTTPS) to never use the same credentials for any two websites - period.

    Also, locally installed malware on a user's computer can see your credentials regardless of what protocol the website is accessed via, so I would implore all users to ensure they are mindful of this and take proactive security measures such as up to date antivirus with real-time-scanning capability.

    That said...

    2 - The site was compromised some time ago, and while the risk is gone, the annoyance of the redirect still persists. There is active discussion amongst the admin team about paths to take to rectify this. Reasonably extensive efforts have been made to correct it up to this point and yet it persists. We are working on a solution.

    To our reasonably informed understanding, there is no active security risk. The redirect is a cosmetic annoyance, as the malware it previously pointed you to download is not available for download anymore (thankfully). However, please heed what I said above relating to not sharing credentials with anything else, especially not the email account associated with your forum account, here or anywhere else.

    If it isn't currently, GMN will be the type of site you feel confident donating in and supporting for the long haul. We just need to jump a couple hurdles first to achieve that status.
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      Thanks for the information when I am ready I will pm a administrator for an address to snail mail a check.
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        Also... the donation redirects to a secure site (Re: PayPal) and their site covers all the transaction dealings and just informs the owner of the donation. It's always a good idea to include you nickname with the donation so you can get one of those year plaques that people have in their signatures. If you don't want the notoriety, just say so and you won't get a signature beacon.

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