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    Fixed the video link... Don't use the "YouTube" Icon. It's for keeping really old posts functional. Use the video icon just to the left of the " (quote) icon. That's the one that works with the full youtube address.

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    ... and it should all work like magic and unicorns and stuff.
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    Overhead, some poor bastards are flying in airplanes.


      I completed the 3g alt upgrade. The second time i’ve done this.

      This past week I’ve been collecting the parts required to do so. I bought the alternator and connector from a guy parting out a 1994 Mustang V6 ($25) Alternator charge cable from a early 2000’s Taurus and the mega fuse ($20)

      While trying to take the old 2g alternator off the bottom bolt did not want to come out, so I sprayed penetrating fluid on the bolt and worked it back and forth and eventually I was able to break it free.

      The alternator fit right in, and I modified the required wiring. When its a bit warmer I plan on cleaning up the harness and completely removing the old 2g harness.
      I ordered a mega fuse holder, but it had not arrived yet, so for now I have the fuse directly bolted to the starter solenoid
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        Nice. Definitely a worth while upgrade.

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        My life is a long series of "nevermind" and "I guess not."
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        But, that's just coming from me, this site's biggest pessimist. Best of luck


          Need to do this myself. Waiting on a junkyard run to grab a connector and some donor wiring. Hoping to nail the fusible link version from a donor. Don't like the look of the fuses, even if they are more easily serviced.
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            The other night, I was helping a friend work on his car, and he needed a hose clamp. I brought my little variety kit of them, which I purchased at Princess Auto, and he proceeded to strip it nearly immediately. Couldn't tighten it down at all on the rad hose.

            We studied the clamp and how it failed and realized it was defective from new. There are a couple things that went wrong; one, the tabs don't properly interlock on the inside of the clamp so the body around the screw can expand, and the other is the metal is super soft. They are plated to look like they might be steel but they act like they're aluminum or a very soft alloy. We tested a couple other clamps including around firm steel tubing and they all failed with very little torque on the screw.

            Anyway, the reason I'm saying this here is, at least two of the clamps I used on the heater hoses of this car came out of that kit, which means they're garbage and will probably fail. Unfortunately, based on my pic of doing the work, those clamps are the ones under the upper intake. You'd probably be well advised to replace them. I'm sorry that I didn't realize they were no good when I put them on.

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