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Thread: kishy's 1985 Ranger

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    Default kishy's 1985 Ranger

    Finally, I can stop spamming this subforum with new threads as I pull them out of My Rides:

    This is my 1985 Ford Ranger, purchased with 123,768km in May 2015 for $600, which in retrospect was too much.

    Quote Originally Posted by kishy View Post
    ...In May of 2015 I bought a 1985 Ranger, total rustbucket, as a winter beater. Carb 2.0, TK5 manual, manual steering, basest of the base everything. I dragged my heels finishing the work on it, by November 2015 it was pretty much ready to rock. I've taken to slathering it in obnoxious ironic stickers, and made a "Pizza Planet" sign for the roof. Check it out here on Ford Ranger Forum if you like: http://www.fordrangerforum.com/proje...85-beater.html

    However, between extreme blowby (black and dripping "oil-air separator" air filter after just a season, lol) and a carb which I'm hopeless with, I've kinda shelved the Ranger for now. I want to do some obnoxious powertrain swap into it, but I also kinda like how crappy it is with 72 crank horsepower. Conflicted. It currently gets pulled out when I need do to truck things, or when it's the most accessible vehicle and the one I'd prefer to drive is broken.

    Attachment 46551 Attachment 46552 Attachment 46553
    Summarized from the Ford Ranger Forum thread:

    The second day owning it, the gas tank started leaking. Drained the tank into gas cans via the fuel line (truck was given to me with a full tank). Replaced fuel tank with new.

    June through November 2015:
    • Replaced timing belt
    • Flushed coolant with old rad (which had a seeping leak). After flushing out, replaced radiator/cap, hoses, thermostat, coolant.
    • 100% new brakes and lines, both hard and soft, all around, except for the drums themselves
    • new parking brake cables
    • engine oil (first time in 7 years, but not past mileage interval yet), differential oil, trans gear oil (Redline MT-90)
    • pulled out the axle shafts to verify bearing riding surface is good and replaced axle seals
    • Air filter & fuel filter
    • license plate lights (corroded wiring due to botched trailer connector install)
    • new tail lamps (old were cracked)
    • new shocks all around (crappy yellow Monroes)
    • headlamps
    • blower motor resistor
    • New floor pans screwed in (yes, screwed)
    • Added 12V sockets, as truck wasn't optioned with a lighter socket
    • outer tie rod ends
    • Carb removal and rebuild
    • patched passenger cab corner (really half-assed)
    • Received Ontario Safety Standards Certificate. Drove it to work that day.
    • Checked compression, looked good at the time, haven't checked it since
    • ran wiring for radio and installed one
    • Installed newer Bronco II mirrors
    • replaced ignition coil (new) and Duraspark II module with good used
    • Converted all 11xx style bulb sockets to 31xx style bulb sockets
    • Converted front side markers to signals which alternate with the actual turn signal (a la Panther Blinker Mod)
    • plugs/wires/cap/rotor
    • Changed trans output shaft seal and installed obnoxious lights, because truck

    Drove it all through winter into 2016 when it was seasonally retired to drive my '91 Grand Marquis for the warm months.

    In October 2016 a junkyard Ranger showed up with a TK4 transmission, which received a more durable and much more fun to use metal ball shift lever instead of the plastic one of the TK5. I swapped the shifter and the truck became a lot easier to drive, with shorter throw due to less slop.

    As of today the toe is still out by a lot, so I don't put tires I care about a lot on this for dry weather and only run the winter tires when weather is appropriate. I still want to put a better alternator on it, I'm thinking one of the small 3Gs from a Tempo might work with some alterations for mounting.

    Here are a bunch of pics:

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