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Thread: Stocker's 1985 LTD Crown Victoria

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stocker View Post
    Good news on my last UOA! I think I can confidently push my OCI out to 2500 miles now.

    Attachment 50608

    I'm surprised that there was no fuel in it though. It's been running pig rich off and on the past couple months, enough that it's affecting gas mileage, so I expected there to be something noticeable.

    I also decided that I need to install my power seat track before I take it on another long trip. The fixed seat angle is fine for daily driving, but as tall as I am it gets uncomfortable after a couple hours.
    Nice...is that the report Blackstone gives? I've been interested in analyzing the oil from the Town Car, for kicks, but the cost was a bit of a turn off last I looked into it. The personalized feedback is cool though.

    Although I am overall fond of the seats in my 2-door, it has manual seats, and I know exactly what you're talking about, being a tall guy myself. The manual seat fixed angle oddly cants your seating position which screws with distance to steering wheel, distance to pedals and dash/column to knee distances.

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    Yes, it's the Blackstone report. When I first looked into it they were the only outfit I knew of. The sample kits have prepaid shipping labels on them now (for the U.S. at least) which makes them a bit better value, but when I consider that if I hadn't gotten the reports I'd've been running the oil for 5000 miles and probably shortening the life of the engine, I figure it's worth it.
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    I like this car, it's sad what's happened with the deer and the waterpump I replaced it on my two cars and I know it's not easy, one broken bolt on my 87, and 4 on my 88, I hope everything will be fixed on your ford.

    I really like your steel wheels with dogdish cap, is it 14 or 15 inchs ?
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