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    Don't have to tell me twice...

    Originally posted by 79lincolnlover View Post
    Welcome to the party! Up-load some pics of your fleet
    So, here we go!

    First up, my '91.

    Originally posted by blkpnthr View Post
    And the daily...1991 Grand Marquis LS
    302, SEFI, blah blah blah, you know this stuff. 3.08 open rear.
    Ebony solid clearcoat ("black") paint with red pinstripes front to rear along the body lines. Paint/clearcoat is awesome for its age but could use a little corrective effort. Black cloth full carriage top (the type with the fiberglass shell and smaller rear window). Seams/edges a bit rough but the ragtop is overall in decent shape.
    Currant Red (aka porno red!) leather interior, front seat covers were redone by previous owner.
    The story behind this is pretty straightforward. I didn't have a car, but I wanted one. I like full size sedans. I searched Kijiji for Grand Marquis, and I found this...priced a little high, but I just kinda had a feeling when I saw it. A few weeks later, done deal! Bought from original owner, older guy who wouldn't be driving anymore.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	91_supaclean1.jpg
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Name:	91_firstweek.jpg
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Name:	91_cluster1.jpg
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Name:	91_interior1.jpg
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Name:	91_interior2.jpg
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Name:	91_paint.jpg
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ID:	1301341

    This car is stock except for a pretty basic radio replacement, 130A small frame 3G alternator, Delco Remy 4 note horns, headlamp re-wire with relays, sequential turn signals and 1990 P72 cluster.
    Oh, and it currently sits on CC819 rear cargo coils but that's likely to change either for a factory RAS retrofit or at least the sedan cargo coils to calm it down a bit.
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    Current drivers: wagon + 91
    Panthers: 83 GM 2dr | 84 TC | 85 CS
    | 88 TC | 91 GM
    Not Panthers: 85 Ranger | Ranger trailer | 91 Acclaim | 05 Focus
    Gone: 97 CV | 83 TC | 04 Focus | 86 GM
    | Junkyards

    And, the '83!

    Originally posted by blkpnthr View Post
    1983 Grand Marquis LS 2-door
    302 w/factory Motorcraft 2 barrel carb. Probably 3.08 open rear.
    Dark Red Metallic (non-clearcoat) with white pinstripes (paint is in desperate need of some love), with white vinyl top in good shape.
    Red cloth interior that for the most part looks like it just rolled out of the showroom.
    I saw this car sitting in a parking lot for a repair shop for a couple years, not moving. Over a year after I got the '91 I approached the business owner and asked him about it...registered owner had died, family didn't care much about the car or what happened to it. After months of being annoying I finally convinced them to sell it to me. Yay project!

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	83_cluster.jpg
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ID:	1274280

    This is 100% stock, but will eventually be...not stock. Front brakes need some rehab and rather than spend the money on stock stuff I'm going for a "medium brake upgrade" to tackle all the front end bushings at the same time and get the best value out of the effort put into it.

    This car is not currently driven and it will likely be a couple years before it really is, but with the body being in the shape it's in, I decided it was right for me and it won't kill it to sit around a little longer if cared for. It was off the road for 10 years according to when the stickers expired.

    Current drivers: wagon + 91
    Panthers: 83 GM 2dr | 84 TC | 85 CS
    | 88 TC | 91 GM
    Not Panthers: 85 Ranger | Ranger trailer | 91 Acclaim | 05 Focus
    Gone: 97 CV | 83 TC | 04 Focus | 86 GM
    | Junkyards


      Hey another nice box collection in Ontario. I love that burgundy on red color combo. Probably the only thing I'd trade up to. It's nice that you have the 2150 already on the tudor, as that makes a 4-barrel a pretty simple swap.

      85 4 door 351 Civi Crown Victoria - Summer daily driver, sleeper in the making, and wildly inappropriate autocross machine
      160KMs 600cfm holley, shorty headers, 2.5" catted exhaust, 255/295 tires, cop shocks, cop swaybars, underdrive pulley, 2.73L gears.
      waiting for install: 3.27's, Poly bushings, boxed rear arms, 2500 stall converter, ported e7's, etc

      06 Mazda 3 hatch 2.3L 5AT (winter beater that cost more than my summer car)


        Both cars are real nice. If you need 2 dr parts with red interior, let me know. I will give you the junkyard info. for the one I had to junk in Ca.


          Thanks and thanks. The 2 door might not stay that colour forever, it has a few little defects that need work and I may strip off the top and get it repainted and striped to match the '91 at some point. But that's way off in the future.

          I don't believe I need anything interior-wise, but having looked at the way the early radios are wired, I'm not thrilled with the amount of work that will be needed to just put anything at all in there. I already have the faceplate (for single DIN hole rather than the old 2-knob radio) and brackets from a newer one, not sure if the woodgrain matches or not though. I've given a lot of serious thought to putting a 90-91 interior in it (benefit of cupholders from a 93-94!), and I really want to, including going through the complete hell of the firewall, steering column, pedal, vacuum, electrical and HVAC differences...but that's even further off in the future if it happens.

          I do need one, preferably a pile of spares too, of the door pull handles for the '91 though. The red is quite different from the earlier cars and isn't so easy to find.

          Current drivers: wagon + 91
          Panthers: 83 GM 2dr | 84 TC | 85 CS
          | 88 TC | 91 GM
          Not Panthers: 85 Ranger | Ranger trailer | 91 Acclaim | 05 Focus
          Gone: 97 CV | 83 TC | 04 Focus | 86 GM
          | Junkyards


            Nice cars! Love the coupe especially.

            1981 Mercury Marquis Brougham 2-Door 302/ 5-speed -special blend (GMGT)
            1987 Lincoln Mark VII 5-speed (Errand runner)
            1989 Mercury Grand Marquis (Base Runner)
            2007 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited (Hustlyn)
            2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (Down with O.P.P)


              '79 Continental Town Car
              '90 Crown Victoria LTD
              '94 Crown Victoria


                Wow dude! Nice cars!

                '78 LTD | '87 Grand Marquis | '89 Crown Vic (RIP) | '91 Grand Marquis (RIP) | '94 Town Car (RIP) | '97 Town Car (RIP)


                  Very nice collection!

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                    Nice Duo!!!



                      Wow. Definitely a nice collection! I can only imagine them going up in value with time. They look fantastic.
                      -Nick M.
                      Columbia, SC

                      66 Squire, 89 Colony Park, 90 TC, 03 TC, 06 TC, 07 TC (2x)
                      03 BMW 540iT, 07 Toyota Tundra SR5 Dbl Cab/5.7 2WD


                        '85 Ranger


                        I still have the '83 and '91, in more or less the same state they were in as of the start of this thread. The '91 is a bit rusty now, but winter driving in a city that salts the roads will do that. It has permanently been retired from winter use, and will be repaired to its former glory. Nothing goes through, and the underbody is still really clean thanks to thick goopy undercoating (at the expense of my clean skin, face, clothes, hair, etc. while working on it), so it's worth the effort. Just need to find the time and learn how to do it

                        In May of 2015 I bought a 1985 Ranger, total rustbucket, as a winter beater. Carb 2.0, TK5 manual, manual steering, basest of the base everything. I dragged my heels finishing the work on it, by November 2015 it was pretty much ready to rock. I've taken to slathering it in obnoxious ironic stickers, and made a "Pizza Planet" sign for the roof. Check it out here on Ford Ranger Forum if you like:

                        However, between extreme blowby (black and dripping "oil-air separator" air filter after just a season, lol) and a carb which I'm hopeless with, I've kinda shelved the Ranger for now. I want to do some obnoxious powertrain swap into it, but I also kinda like how crappy it is with 72 crank horsepower. Conflicted. It currently gets pulled out when I need do to truck things, or when it's the most accessible vehicle and the one I'd prefer to drive is broken.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	ranger1.jpg
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Name:	ranger2.jpg
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Name:	ranger3.jpg
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                        Last edited by kishy; 12-08-2016, 03:02 PM.

                        Current drivers: wagon + 91
                        Panthers: 83 GM 2dr | 84 TC | 85 CS
                        | 88 TC | 91 GM
                        Not Panthers: 85 Ranger | Ranger trailer | 91 Acclaim | 05 Focus
                        Gone: 97 CV | 83 TC | 04 Focus | 86 GM
                        | Junkyards


                          '84 ltc

                          Well, you've seen me whining about the woes of wiring harness problems. Now it's time to meet the car!

                          An irresistible deal on this '84 Town Car Signature (EEC-IV CFI 302) popped up, and I had to have it. May 2016 I bought it, coaxed it home running like crap, then followed the Ranger pattern and dragged my heels getting it ready until about November, lol.

                          Prior to the Lincoln I did pick up a '97 Vic for parts, mainly its HPP wheels with new tires and the rear axle, but its powertrain might go somewhere silly like the Ranger, no reason other than availability. Not really deserving of its own post though.

                          For the Lincoln:
                          • Replaced starter (PMGR)
                          • Oil change (first in a couple years)
                          • Rad hoses, water pump, radiator, thermostat, coolant flush
                          • O2, ACT, ECT, cap, rotor, plugs, wires
                          • Intake gaskets
                          • Valve cover gaskets (PermaDryPlus <3)
                          • Compression checked out OK, 150 on all 8
                          • Diff oil and verified very low play at axle ends
                          • Replaced "choke pull off" diaphragm
                          • Fixed climate control (bypassed thermal blower lockout & replaced interior temperature sensor vacuum valve thingy)
                          • Trans/converter fluid and filter change
                          • New battery terminals
                          • Set base idle speed and timing (like 14 times)
                          • Repack front bearings
                          • Replace fuel pump and pickup strainer, and fuel filter again...
                          • Timing set (double roller woot woot)
                          • Repaired all the window motor gears with the eBay Delrin replacements
                          • Replaced parking brake cables & rear wheel cylinders, flushed out entire brake system
                          • Replaced driver side mirror because the motor was shot in the original and glass was hazed, and the junkyard motor I grabbed was an 85+ (turns out they're different).
                            Then proceeded to back the mirror up into the Ranger, denting it.
                          • Replaced hood struts. Twice. Still won't stay up. Damn steel hood.
                          • Replaced all power steering fluid with stop-leak (pump leaks around shaft). Still leaks, so I'll be watching RockAuto for a $20 pump. Shouldn't take long.
                          • Body work! Ghetto-fabbed some quarter panel repairs that go under the cladding. It was really the only serious rust to speak of on the car, but its severity more than made up for the lack of rust elsewhere. This isn't a concours car by any stretch so I really just needed a way to make it through safety inspection, and exhaust entry into the trunk is a fail.
                          • Alternator blew up. Replaced with reman 1G and new regulator. 3G in the future.
                          • PIP
                          • CFI/Wiring harness fun! There's a break in the harness somewhere, and car is currently running with '85 Vic ECM and harness.
                          • Installed near-flawless condition 1981 Mark VI bumper I found in the junkyard for all of 47 USD. As 1984 still has the vertical slats grille rather than the egg-crate one, it matches nicely with the mini-grille in the bumper.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	84ltc-01.jpg
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Name:	84ltc-07.jpg
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Name:	84ltc-05.jpg
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Name:	84ltc-04.jpg
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                          Click image for larger version

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Name:	84ltc-15.jpg
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                          Click image for larger version

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Name:	84ltc-21.jpg
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Name:	84ltc-26.jpg
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ID:	1281037

                          Current drivers: wagon + 91
                          Panthers: 83 GM 2dr | 84 TC | 85 CS
                          | 88 TC | 91 GM
                          Not Panthers: 85 Ranger | Ranger trailer | 91 Acclaim | 05 Focus
                          Gone: 97 CV | 83 TC | 04 Focus | 86 GM
                          | Junkyards


                            Love the look of those '84s. A few years ago I used to see several of them driving around where I lived and the local JY had three or four of them. It's been several months since I've seen one on the road.

                            For the hood shocks, maybe you could try swapping coil spring hinges from a Vic or Grand Marquis. I can't imagine those failed as often as the crappy air struts. My car has the lighter hood and the last set of struts only lasted a year.

                            1989 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series | 249k miles, current project car
                            2018 BMW 430i xDrive M-Sport | 50k miles
                            2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport | 97k miles


                              Nice fleet.

                              So which one can I expect to see no a joint JY run? The Ice Car is what I'm currently running.
                              We can probably get Derek and Ashley in on a JY run sometime too. I've made plenty of runs with them, always good times.

                              ~ 1989 MGM LS Colony Park - Large Marge
                              ~ 1998 MGM LS - new DD
                              ~ 1991 MGM LS "The Scab"
                              ~ 1991 MGM GS "The Ice Car"